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Devin Stratton "Coach Devin"

Sports were and are a huge part of coach devins life. She started out her young life by trying all the sports until she picked softball. She played competitive softball in middle and high school, traveling the country to play at the highest level. She played varsity softball for 3 years at memorial high school and her senior year at cy-ranch high school. She played softball at the collegiate level for Odessa college her freshman and sophomore year until she transferred to the university of Houston to pursue a bachelors of science in economics, where she is still currently studying.

While in school, coach Devin coach’s for both P3 specialized performance as well as USA Ninja challenge, were she teaches kids how to master obstacle courses similar to those of American ninja warrior. She loves being able to bring a different perspective to another highly physical sport.


Coach Devin is a motivated coach who is looking to bring back a positive attitude (or vibe?) in today’s youth sports. After having some difficult coaches in the past, it is extremely important for her to leave a positive impression, to have fun and to love what your doing. Her favorite workouts include her lower body and ab workouts. While training in the gym herself, she loves to talk and get to know all the of athletes, nobody is a stranger to coach Devin.

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